Account details for donations

You can secure the continuance of "The Language of Music", promote young and talented musicians and help us to further develop the concert series with your donation! Your contribution will, of course, be used completely and exclusively for these purposes.

Please address your donation to one of the following two bank accounts.

Thank you very much for your support!

Donate through the IFWBK

Account holder Internationales Forum für Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kultur e.V. (IFWBK)
Bank Scharnhauser Bank eG, Ostfildern
IBAN DE07 6006 9517 0006 0660 11
Reference The Language of Music – Donation

Certificate of donation

If you need a certificate of donation, please donate to the bank account of the International Forum for Science, Education and Culture (IFWBK): As a registered association, the IFWBK will be happy to provide you with such a receipt. Please let us know in a short message via our contact form that you would like to receive proof of your donation.

If you do not need a certificate, please donate directly to the "The Language of Music" account.

Donate directly to "The Language of Music"

Account holder Tanunina, Alla
Bank Baden-Württembergische Bank, Stuttgart
IBAN DE57 6005 0101 7005 4880 22
Reference The Language of Music – Donation