International Forum for Science, Education, Art and Culture (registered association)
The main purpose of the International Forum for Science, Education, Art and Culture is to popularize and promote science, education, art and culture for all generations, especially for children and young people at regional, national and international levels. Under the roof of the IFWBK, we combine activities such as discussions and seminars, MINT projects and events, international workshops and specialized conferences, as well as our project, "The Language of Music".

Stuttgart Lehrhaus
The Stuttgart Lehrhaus, Foundation for Interreligious Dialogue, aims to promote the trialogue between the followers of the three monotheistic religions, i.e. between Jews, Christians and Muslims on the basis of tolerance, sympathy, understanding and equality. It sees itself as a bridge-builder between people of different religions and poses the question of the extent to which interreligious convictions can inspire common perspectives and ethical orientations.

Israelite religious community of Württemberg (public corporation)
The IRGW is the Jewish community for the Württemberg part of Baden-Württemberg. Its roots go back to the beginning of the 19th century when the Jewish community in Stuttgart was formally established. In 1912, the IRGW was recognized as a public corporation. Since its re-establishment in 1945, the IRGW has grown to more than 3,000 parishioners.

Forum of Jewish Education and Culture (registered association)
The Forum of Jewish Education and Culture is an association that stands for the promotion, exercise and maintenance of Jewish education, tradition and culture in the past as well as the present. It is also interested in the encounter of different religious movements in Judaism. They promote integration between the German society and the Jewish community through dialogue and tencounter, also betweenJews and non-Jews in general. This has the effect of promoting inter-religious dialogue and strengthening the Jewish identity through education and culture.

Stuttgart Foundation
The Stuttgart Community Foundation is an independent organization that is not connected to the state capital Stuttgart. The foundation engages in supporting long-term accumulation of assets in favor of charitable projects and offers contributors and founders the opportunity to make their collaborate under their roof. The promotion of voluntary work is an important concern of the organization. The organizational structure and use of funds by the Stuttgart Foundation are transparent.

Blumen Steinle GmbH
The store "Blumen Steinle" in Leharstr. 5 has been in business for 30 years. In the transparent glass pavilion, extravagant decorations alternate with interesting exhibitions and fascinating events. The branch in Eltinger-Strasse - in the middle of the old center of the Stuttgart suburb of Botnang - impresses with an elegant ambience, paired with modern and artistic floristry, which is regularly staged anew.

City of Stuttgart
The city of Stuttgart is convinced that "the future can be shaped creatively and that culture plays an essential role here: as a seismograph, as a corrective, as an innovator and motor". This is one of the reasons the city of Stuttgart is supporting our concert series.

Trolle Decorations
Cute gift ideas and suitable decorations for all occasions, lovingly thought out and designed, can be found in the "Lädle" by Trolle Decorationen. The company is happy to prepare individual gifts and floristry according to your wishes and ideas.

LB≡BW Foundation Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
The task of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Foundation is to promote projects whose initiators aren‘t scared to try new things. The focus is on culture, the environment and education. "We have to fulfill the will of the founder, which is diversity," says the managing director of the Foundation Martin Kuon. The LB≡BW Foundation supports small and large projects, school gardens with a beehive, stork caregivers or catalogs for exhibitions by young artists. 325 projects and organizations were funded by the foundation in 2016, 230 of them in the field of art and culture.

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