Stuttgart School of Music
The Stuttgart School of Music introduces children, teenagers and adults to music and encourages them to make music on their own. Theoretical subjects as well as instrumental and ensemble lessons are offered here. In addition, the school prepares talented young people for studying music in higher education. In February 1857, 22 musicians, educators and other art lovers publicly stood up for the founding of the Stuttgart Music School. 150 years after its founding, in the year 2007, the Stuttgart Music School had 156 teachers and 4116 students.

Association for the Support of Children with Cancer Tübingen (registered association)
The Association for the Support of Children with Cancer Tübingen e.V. takes care of children suffering from cancer, but also their parents, siblings and grandparents. The direct support of families, further psycho-social help and the implementation of new ideas are particularly near to the heart of this association. In addition, the non-profit and charitable association supports the Children's University Hospital in Tübingen and also medical research in general.

Forum of Cultures Stuttgart (registered association)
The Forum of Cultures Stuttgart was founded in 1998 by 20 associations as the umbrella organization for migrant associations and intercultural institutions in Stuttgart. The forum is committed to intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and an equal participation of migrants and their descendants in social and cultural life. Together with its members and partners, the association campaigns against exclusion, prejudice, racism and discrimination, as well as for the intercultural opening of institutions, offices and associations.

Association for the Support of Children with Cancer Stuttgart (registered association)
The Sponsorship Group of Cancer Children Association supports affected families during and after cancer treatment. The association tries to make the stay in the children's oncology ward in the Olgahospital Stuttgart as pleasant as possible. The sponsorship group, which is almost exclusively funded by donations, allocates the "Blue House" to parents and siblings. This provides a home very close to the children’s hospital for the duration of treatment. The association unbureaucratically and quickly lightens the load of families in economic need through direct family support and always steps in where help is needed.

Thank you! * – The volunteer agency
Would you like to become a volunteer? Are you looking for volunteers who want to get involved in a club or an organization? The volunteer agency is your partner! It promotes and coordinates voluntary work in Stuttgart. It is the contact for anyone who wants to volunteer or who is looking for voluntary support. The volunteer consultants at the agency will help you find the right job. Consultation is offered for free.

Khingangskiy Ballet School
Svetlana Khinganskaia and Vladimir Khinganskiy are successfully running the Khinganskiy Ballet School since 2001. Both have had an in-depth education at the Russian Academy of Theater Art (GITIS). They are certified dancers, ballet educators, choreographers, ballet masters, directors with great stage and professional experience and were formerly ballet dancers in well-known ballet companies in Russia. Their school’s diverse offer ranges from early dance education, children's ballet, youth ballet, ballet for adults and professional ballet training to modern and jazz dance, contemporary and dance mix, hip-hop and tap dance.

People are individualistic and social creatures yearning to be free. At the same time, though, people seek relationships, appreciation and recognition. The element-i philosophy brings these two aspects into harmony. Educating children to become innately free, mature and strong individuals that reflect themselves and the world around them and accept responsibility for their actions and the consequences of these actions is the vision and purpose of the element-i educational concept.

Theater Atelier
Since January 2014, the Theater Atelier in Stuttgart-Ost has seen itself as a cultural, international meeting place for various art directions and types such as theater, scenic readings, cinema, dance and music. As a young theater, the Theater Atelier relies on interested parties, friends and sponsors who share a passion for the arts of the stage and who are committed to expanding the cultural diversity in the Stuttgart region.