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Young talents

Young talented musicians have the chance to present their skills on stage. Instead of the musicians competing against each other, the intent of our concert series is primarily to bring together different musicians and enable an exchange between them. Our concerts offer a varied program, which includes solo pieces on string, wind and keyboard instruments as well as ensemble performances.


Prejudices against other cultures are already established in childhood. That is why we want to set a milestone with our concerts by enabling children and adolescents to meet people from other countries and cultures uninhibitedly. The concert participants come into contact with each other, maintain respectful interaction and consider openness and appreciation to be something completely natural.


Children of different ages and nationalities play in our concerts. Diversity is our priority – both the diversity of participants as well as the diversity of instruments and music. With our concerts we want to emphasize how important it is to recognize the contribution of migrants in today’s multicultural and multinational Germany as an enrichment and an opportunity for society.

Good cause

The children who are part of the concert series “The Language of Music” not only promote cultural and musical interaction. They are also committed to children in need, such as children suffering of cancer or children who have been harmed by acts of war. By participating in the concerts, the young talents look outside the box. They play for a good cause to help children in need and to support them with the revenues from the concerts.