Musik without Borders 2021

June 14 – 20, 2021

The Project in a nutshell

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The Project

The unifying element is the language of music, which does not require any explanation or translation.

About us

For 17 years, "The Language of Music" has been organizing classical concerts, at which young people can express their shared passion without competition.


The goals include strengthening relationships between different cultures, religions and nationalities.

Event date

The festival will take place from June 14th to 20th, 2021.


The concerts will take place in Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, and in the surrounding region, including Esslingen am Neckar.

Target group

Children of different origins between the ages of 7 and 21 who share a passion: the love of music.


The program and concert dates are still being planned.

About us

Our Partners


Children from different countries, religions and cultures express their passion for music on different stages in Stuttgart. The message of a cosmopolitan, unlimited, and united society is spread through music.

There is no competition taking place on the stage, i.e. the children have the opportunity to perform without hesitation and anxiety. The concerts go hand in hand with several workshops in the Stuttgart area.

The project’s task is to raise the awareness among children and young people for a tolerant behavior towards each other within a multicultural society. The series of concerts offers an encouraging surrounding for the development of intercultural competences, the surrounding which at the same time represents a crucial requirement for a peaceful society without violence.

The main focus is on the promotion of the young musicians’ skills. We hope to build a network for future encounters. In the long term an aid society is planned for the promotion of young musicians.

Our target group consists of children of diverse nationalities aged 7 to 21 with a common passion: the love for music. The main focus lies on children with migration background who also suffer from poor financial circumstances.

Stuttgart’s initiative "The Language of Music" takes one step further after the 17-years long experience in the field of classical concerts for children. The project is accompanied by experienced music and ballet educators in cooperation with different partners, professionals in the field of music and pedagogy.

The festival takes place from June 14 to 20 June 2021. The goal for the future is to include the festival into the vivid cultural life of Stuttgart and to promote the festival as a regular annual happening.

The stages will be in Stuttgart, the regional capital of Baden-Württemberg, and in the surrounding area. One concert will take place in Esslingen am Neckar, an ancient medieval city near Stuttgart. The distance between Stuttgart city center and Esslingen is 11 km, while both of them enjoy a very good public transportation connection.

We will publish our festival rules here a few months before the festival.